How to use CBD oil?

One of the most common questions is how to take CBD oil? Theres a couple of different ways and we will show you how.

First of all you should choose your flavour. We pride ourselves on having the best tasting CBD oil. You should see for yourself if you'd like to go for a flavoured product or the unflavoured, usually unflavoured is an acquired taste however our Original flavour is very subtle. That being said people do enjoy the flavoured products as it takes the slight edge off of the actual taste of CBD.

Now on the methods of using CBD. You can take CBD oil sublingually which means under the tongue. For our 1000mg CBD oil our recommended dose to start with is 3 drops which you can lower or increase depending on your preferences.



To start, make sure the lid is tightly fastened. Shake the bottle slightly, unscrew the lid, squeeze the pipet to draw the CBD oil, then gently squeeze the dropper under the tongue for 3 drops, hold it for 45 - 60 seconds and then swallow. The reason why you hold it under the tongue is so the CBD oil gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Try not to just hold it for a few seconds and swallow as it will be less effective.

The reason why you take CBD oil sublingually is so that you preserve more of the CBD and you will feel the results faster. This is compared to say the CBD oil going through the digestive tract.


CBD can also be taken orally through using the pipet to drop the CBD oil into either food or drink. This does pass through the digestive system which means some of the CBD is broken down before it can get absorbed by the bloodstream. This essentially means that this way is not as efficient as taking CBD sublingually under the tongue. A rough guide is around 5-10% of CBD actually gets absorbed this way on average and at best 15-20%. This normally leads to people increase the amount they put in their food or drink to get the same level they would from under the tongue. Sublingually the average is 10-20% and at best 35% absorption. 

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