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Certified to be free from any pesticides, herbicides, solvents, heavy metals, or chemical fertilisers. Check our 3rd party test lab results

Extending our branch


Massively proud to announce the launch of Oh My Hemp in Australia, dedicating to bringing the highest quality CBD oil in Australia. It's 3rd party laboratory tested to guarantee our ingredients. All natural, GMO free, vegan and coming in a range of unique flavours. We have a range of CBD gummies and CBD creams available too. We hope to show the benefits achievable through this miracle plant.


Stay tuned for our future collaborations

Established in 2019 our Oh My Hemp CBD oil is popular among athletes and individuals concerned about their wellbeing. Theres many health benefits of CBD oil that our customers tell us about on a day to day basis.

'The best cbd gummy I've ever tasted'


In 2021 we've finally released our long awaited CBD Gummies! We've spent time perfecting our craft to give you the best tasting CBD Gummies available. They're absolutely delicious and have been a massive hit!

Where to find?


Where to find CBD oil near me? Oh My Hemp is providing the best CBD oil in Australia and CBD oil UK. We ensure full transparency and safety when it comes to the manufacturing of our CBD oils. Pharmacies and other CBD businesses claim to have the best CBD products and oils, but we provide a 3rd party lab test so you can see for yourself. We value our customer's health and trust.

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